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Shen Academy of Kung Fu & Qigong


Shen Kung Fu is not currently active.

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Welcome to Shen Kung Fu Academy!

Shen Kung Fu Academy

Vista, CA


email:[email protected]

For the latest updates, please see our Announcements page.

Shen Kung Fu Academy offers training in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung (Qigong), and Self-Defense. We offer a variety of program to fit the needs of anyone wanting to experience and learn the art of kung fu, including month to month courses (no contracts), workshops, seminars, private and small group sessions.

Kung Fu training is appropriate for all ages. Shen offers lessons to tiny tots (3 - 5 years old), kids, youth, adults and seniors. We also offer women's only classes in kung fu and self-defense.

Kids class student Eiden with his mom Jeanny. See our student and parent Testimonials.

Shen Kung Fu Academy is the only school teaching the Ng Ga Kuen, 5 Family / 5 animal style of kung fu in San Diego county, California. The 5 family style was brought to the United States by the famous Grand Master Ark Yuey Wong who was the first to break the race barrier by admitting non-chinese students into his classes. The style was known as the "Shaolin Five Animal Style" and influenced the likes of Bruce Lee, Ed Parker, Tiny Leffity, Tino Tiousuloga, Dan Inosanto and many other well known martial artists.

In conjunction with the 5 family/5 animal style, we teach the famous style of Choy Lay Fut (also spelled Choy Li Fut, Choy Lee Fut, Cai Li Fo, Choi Lee Fat), a kung fu system known for its power, explosiveness, mobility, effectiveness and health benefits. Our particular lineage comes from the Wing Foon Monestary through Grand Master John Lem. See the Shen Kung Fu Brochure

A Posture From the 18 Luohan Qigong Form

At Shen you will also find instruction in Tai Chi Chuan, and a variety of Chi Kung (Qigong) styles and forms including Luohan Qigong (Sup Bat Luohan Sau), 8 Pieces of Brocade, 6 Healing Sounds and Ng Ga Hai Gung and more. Students of all ages learn the various forms and their specific benefits for general health, vitality, longevity as well as those forms and movements used for balancing the energy of others to assist with the improvement of various health conditions.

Classes and practice sessions are conducted in a calm and peaceful setting yet are friendly and non-intimidating for those new to these practices. See our Chi Kung (Qigong) Brochure for more information on the many benefits of training. For those seeking in depth training we offer a complete curriculum leading to Qigong instructor certification. 

Chief instructor - Sifu Mario Figueroa

Sifu Mario Figueroa started his martial arts training in 1975. For the next 30 years he studied with various grandmasters, training in kung fu, chi kung, and Chinese Dit Da Ke herbal healing. Sifu Mario Figueroa has been teaching in San Diego North County since 1995. He has been featured in Inside Kung Fu magazine, teaches and consults internationally.