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Shen Academy of Kung Fu & Qigong


About Shen Kung Fu

Shen Kung Fu Academy is a private school teaching authentic, traditional kung fu. We are not a public, commercially oriented school and students are selected after an application process and an interview with Sifu Mario Figueroa.

To be accepted, students must demonstrate a a strong desire/commitment to their learning, respect for the teachings, high morals and ethics, adherence to a code of conduct, and compatibility with our traditional training program. These aspects must be maintained consistently in order to continue your training. Anyone who demonstrates promise will be admitted. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone we feel is not the right fit for our school.

Our school is not for everyone and everyone is not for our school. We are not in the service industry or any industry or business for that matter. True martial art is not sport or entertainment. Students are not customers and we are not here to cater to anyone's wants. We offer a tried and proven system of self-development that challenges every aspect of your being and that awakens your higher self.

Although combat does play an important role in traditional kung fu training, we are not thugs and fighting is not our focus. We are not sports oriented either, and while we do participate in competition from time to time, it is done for specific reasons and at defined timeframe of a students' progress.

  • Health of Body and Mind
  • Understanding of Deeper Aspects of Kung Fu as a Path
  • Physical, Mental, Spiritual Transformation
  • Higher thinking, Open Mind to all possibilities
  • Dissolve limitations
  • Compassion, Care and Consideration for Others
  • Develop Endurance, Determination, Patience
  • Serve, Support others

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