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Shen Academy of Kung Fu & Qigong


Shen Ng Ga Kuen Store

Shen Ng Ga Kuen Store

Ng Ga Kuen / 5 Animal Style Forms Complete System Very Rare!


This video is taken from the original 16mm film. This is true collectors footage of the original 5 animal style of Kung Fu. Collectors of vintage Kung Fu historical footage will consider this Gold! This auction is for the complete set of films, volumes 1 through 5, in a single DVD.

Contains all of the hand forms required for instructor level grading in the Ng Gar Kuen / Ng Ying Kuen (5 family/5 animal fist) style. The forms on each of the volumes are as follows:

Salute set * Small Cross* Butterfly Palms * Combination * Blackbird * Palm * Dragon Golden Dragon* Tiger *Snake * Bamboo Leaf Snake** Crane * Leopard * Basic Stance Set * Breathing Form * Paired Form 1 *  Paired Form 2  * Paired Techniques * Wooden Dummy Practice

* First 2 forms are with Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong ** Golden Dragon and Bamboo Leaf Snake were not requirements for instructor and are rare forms even within the system.

The first 2 forms are performed by Wong Sifu himself! The remaining Forms performed by a student of Wong Sifu and are filmed inside the Wah Que Studio in LA Chinatown! This film was taken decades ago and will exhibit the type of flaws that are typical of old 16 mm footage. The image quality is amazingly good and the forms are a treat. There is no sound. Approximately 1 hour running time of back to back forms. No fluff or wasted footage. The sets are performed at instructional pace, so go for it.

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