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Shen Academy of Kung Fu & Qigong


Shen Ng Ga Kuen Store

Shen Ng Ga Kuen Store

The Grand View of Kung Fu and Secret of Kung Fu - Special!


Special buy both Rare books and save!

Get both rare classics for one low price. For more information on GM Ark Y. Wong visit This is the website of his grandson GM Seming Ma, the inheritor of GM Wong's Ng Ga KuenTM kung fu and the current keeper of the system. If you are a lover of Kung Fu, you have measure of thanks to give to this pioneer that first opened the door for all of us non-chinese to learn these wonderful arts.

Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong was the first to break the race barrier by teaching Kung Fu non-chinese students (1958). Famous for his Ng Ga KuenTM 5 family style and his 5 animal forms, he was also an accomplished herbalist and acupuncturist. GM Wong authored 2 books, ''The Grand View of Kung Fu'' in 1965 and ''The Secret of Kung Fu'' in 1969. His legacy lives on today in the hundreds of students who continue to practice Ng Ga KuenTM or a derivative of this style. He wrote both books, and began teaching non-chinese after coming out of retirement. He began teaching in the United States in 1921.

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