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Shen Academy of Kung Fu & Qigong


New Website for "The Healing Journey Project"

This website and blog follow Marine Corps. Captain Robert Bibeaus' on-going transformation from IED injury in Iraq to his recuperation and renewed quest for self-development with kung fu training as the vehicle and kung fu philosophy as the life path.

This will be a practical, quantitative project involving a defined training program, specific diet and rest requirements along with documented metrics to determine actual physical change and medical assessment to ascertain healing. It is also a qualitative evaluation of pain, stress, mood, energy, work and family relations, all to provide a view into quality of life.

Finally, it is an experiment, an inner exploration of the way of the warrior across the ages, and across cultures. It is an examination of the ethics, conduct, philosophy and responsibility of being a warrior with the resulting sacrifices and if any... gains.  

New SKFIA Seminars for June 2010

We will be busy this coming June! We have 3 seminars scheduled. First, a 2 seminar weekend series in Aguascalientes, Mexico consisting of Lung Mei, Dragon Tail San Sau combat techniques of Wing Foon Choy Lay Fut and Iron Shirt Conditioning and Strengthening methods on June 19 and 20, 2010 Lung Mei or Dragons Tail are a series of advanced techniques and principles which involve the simultaneous protection of all 3 body levels combined with immediate hidden counter attack and a variety of chasing counter-attacks. These techniques utilize the whole body for power generation making them extremely effective for defense and counter against multiple, larger opponents. The conditioning and strengthening seminar will teach a variety of solo and partner exercises and routines based on Damo's Muscle / Tendo Changing Classic , Marrow Washing Classic, as well as the famous Golden Bell Cover and Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Focus will be placed on building the bridge arms, shins, shoulders, abdomen, thighs, and calves. Fist, Palm and Elbow strengthening will also be covered. For more information click here: Lung Mei & Iron Shirt

The third seminar will be held on June 22, 2010 in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. This seminar will feature a detailed, in depth analysis of the Ng Ga Kuen short stick or Dyun Gwan. The short stick is considered a northern kung fu weapon yet is an important weapon in the Ng Ga Kuen style, which contains 2 single short stick forms and 1 double short stick form. This seminar will use the 2nd Ng Ga Kuen single short stick form as the platform. The whole form will be taught with concentration on short stick strategy, tactics and applications versus empty hand, bladed weapons and long weapons. For more information click: Short Stick

If you are interested in being part of SKFIA and/or in hosting one of our seminar, please contact us at [email protected]

Excellent Results at Crowthers Tournament - March 13, 2010, San Marcos

From Left: Andre Gonzales, Luis Sanchez, Robbie Wheeler, Carrie Zuckerman, Mario Figueroa Jr., Bianca Figueroa, Sifu Mario Figueroa, Alan Figueroa, Andy Price 

Shen Kung Fu and Lion Dance in the News.

Sifu Mario Figueroa in the News

Sifu Mario and Sifu Ismael on the set of the "Marcador Final" sports show on Aguascalientes local channel 6, broadcast via Mexicanal to the USA and Canada.

Shen Kung Fu International and the upcoming Traditional Kung Fu seminar is getting excellent coverage and support from local and state sports groups and sports authorities. As guests of this widely viewed sports program, we were interviewed and we performed a short kung fu demo cosisting of a form and applications. The form was Wing Foon Siu Sup Ji and it was performed by Sifu Ismael. Sifu Mario then demonstrated the applications at slow speed and at full speed and power.

The Traditional Kung Fu seminar is being held on Oct. 17th and 18th in Aguascalientes, Mexico with participants from across Mexico. For more information see Shen Kung Fu International.

Workshop with Master Melvin Armstrong a Great Success!

Master Melvin Armstrong with members of Shen Kung Fu Academy

October 8, 2009 - Master Melvin Armstrong, one of the most advanced original students of Grandmaster Ark Wong conducted an excellent and grueling, non-stop 2 hour workshop on Ng Ga Kuen basics to students of Shen Kung Fu academy and selected guests. This was an wonderful experience for participants as Master Armstrong gave detailed instructions on the foundations of original Ng Ga Kuen as taught to him directly by GM Ark Y. Wong in the 1960's. Master Armstrong spent many years of direct study with Grandmaster Ark Wong and received his instructor certificate in 1968. 

Master Armstrong displays a certificate of appreciation presented to him by Sifu Mario Figueroa of Shen Kung Fu Academy

We received Master Armstrong and his wife Linda with a traditional lion dance to honor their presence and support. After that, Master Armstrong wasted no time, starting with detailed and proper stance structure and had all participants soaked in sweat in just a matter of minutes. He then proceeded to proper fist strikes, kicks, proper chambering, and drills, drills, drills and more drills. All participants were reviewed, corrected if necessary and given tips for improvement... each one, individually. Master Melvin took great care to ensure that everyone properly understood the how and the why's of the material he covered. His attention to detail, patience and genuine care for the participants is a clear sign of a great master.

Master Armstrong demonstrates proper stance movement

Master Melvin's un-assuming, humble, down to earth demeanor gave the workshop a feeling of friendship and sharing and put participants in a relaxed, receptive mode but when he demonstrated, his strength, rooting and smooth delivery were impossible to miss. Sharp yet unforced, un-rushed yet sharp, economical, just enough movement to get the job done but un-proportionately powerful, leaving one questioning how so much force can come from so little movement..... the mark of a true master. 

And so two hours went by leaving everyone exhausted yet wishing for more. Rarely have two hours of basics provided so much insight. Much more in fact than a full day of so called advanced training with other experts in this style, all of whom should seek to learn from this humble, human, dignified master. It is here that I can see that Grandmaster Ark Wong did train the deserving very well and where he continues to shine. 

Participants as young as 6 years old enjoy the training workshop

Perhaps the most extra-ordinary part of the workshop was how Master Melvin managed to captivate and hold the attention of the younger participants. It takes significant finess and enourmous experience to give a a workshop that is challenging, stimulating and constructive to the adult students while at the same time be enjoyable and interesting to the youngsters. Master Armstrong pulled it off like a breeze. He did not loose anyones attention at any time during the workshop which is nothing short of amazing in my book. If you don't believe it, try it sometime. You will be humbled, specially by the little ones. 

The workshop ended with everyone feeling great, a feeling of sharing and community that is hard to describe and that is difficult to duplicate, that can't be forced and comes on its own after something excellent has taken place. My personal learning continued as Master Armstrong shared stories and anecdotes of his days with GM Ark Wong and of the curriculum as he learned it, who was in the school and who came and went, his adventures with GM Wong, the travels with the other students of his time such as Ralph Shun, Douglas Wong, Tino Tuisilaga, Tiny Leffiti, Al Leoning and Carl Totten. I have spent time with Master Melvin before and have learned from him over the last 3 years, but this visit really was a gift that has enriched my understanding and has solidified our relationship.

Perhaps the most senior disciple of GM Wong, Master Melvin Armstrong has been content to stay in the background, teach his loyal students and continue the tradition he learned, avoiding the politics, the power struggles that so plague the martial arts regardless of style and that have certainly infected our own Ng Ga Kuen, 5 animales, 5 family style, Fut Hung Choy Lee Mok, different names for the same family. Educated, Knowledgeable, Skilled, yet humble.. a true gentleman and certainly an example for anyone calling themselves a Sifu or a Master. 

Train with Master Melvin Armstrong

Master Melvin Armstrong, one of the original students of Grandmaster Ark Wong will be visiting Shen Kung Fu Academy and will conduct an open workshop on October 8th, 2009. This workshop will cover kung fu training methods and is open to all martial artists. 

Sifu Melvin Armstrong Performs at L.A. Chinatown in the 1960's

During his many years of training at the original Wah Que studio on Ord Street, master Armstrong became one of GM Ark Wong's closest student as well as friend and confidant. Master Armstrong attended group lessons, helped teach and took private lessons, which gave him a deep insight and understanding of GM Wong's teachings. He was in many ways, GM Wong's right hand man, being his driver, his exhibition performer and his fighter when challengers came to try their skills, as often happened in the 1960's and 1970's. 

Master Armstrong Performs under the watchful eye of GM Ark Wong in the background.

Master Armstrong has been a friend and mentor to Sifu Mario Figueroa for a number of years and they continue to enjoy a wonderful, sharing relationship. Master Melvin is a true gentleman warrior, a man of character and integrity and an example to all of us that call ourselves martial artists.

Join us as welcome him and partake from his extensive experience and knowledge. For more information, contact us at 760-305-7603 or email us at [email protected] 

Shen Kung Fu Academy @ LIFE Miracosta

Self-Defense Workshop for Women and College Bound Girls - July 10, 2009 - Oceanside

After last years overwhelming success, Shen's renowned Self-Defense workshops are back again by popular demand.

Workshop participants are treated to the latest in and most up to date information on violent attacks and predator behaviour as well as detailed analysis of the elements and "anatomy" of a typical attack. They are taught how to form a plan of attack, how to prepare for the eventuality of such an attack using Shen's proprietary 3 P's and 10 A's program. This approach was developed by Sifu Mario Figueroa after decades of experience and research in effective methods for self-defense. The workshop includes plenty of hands on exercises, case studies and simulated scenarios where participants learn to use their strengths along with body mechanics, breathing and calming methods to best overcome specific attack situations. All participants receive a 20 page reference handout to use for their on-going practice. 

Past Women's Self-Defense Workshop Participants

This is critical and necessary training for Women, Teens and specially for girls who are soon to head off to college. Safety is your birth-right but it is also your own responsibility. Effective self-defense is a required life skill for all women.

Our next workshop will be held on June 26, 2009 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Shen Martial Arts new location located at 1682 Ord Way, Oceanside 92056. There is a $25 donation per participant with proceeds going to the Shen Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe a not for profit group. The funds will be used for obtaining equipment and outfits needed for troupe members. Visit the Shen Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe Website.

To register, please call 760-305-7603. Pre-registration is advised as spaced is limited to 15 participants. 

Kids Kung Fu Summer Program!

Shen Kung Fu begins its Summer Program - 2 Months of Kung Fu Training, for less than the price of one month. Students are now being enrolled and classes start on 6/22/09.

If you have been wanting to enroll your kids in a traditional martial art, Shen Kung Fu offers one of the best and most authentic available. This is a great opportunity to get yourself or your son/daughter involved at an awesome summer program price. 

 Contact us at 760-305-7603 for more information or come visit us at 1682 Ord Way, Oceanside, California 

We Have Moved!


1682 Ord Way

Oceanside, CA, 92056


We are still in transition but are operational so come by and check us out! Our showroom is open for business and we are accepting new students for all of our programs, with classes now in session. 

We are working very hard to create the best possible facility and learning environment for our customers and our students. Our focus is on functionality and usefulness to support traditional kung fu training so although we strive for aesthetics, we are first and foremost a "Mou Kwoon" or martial training hall.  

Training wall with a variety of Yong's (Dummies, Bags, Posts, etc.)

Chinese New Year 2009 - Miracosta College

Gung Hei Fut Choi / Gong Xi Fa Cai

Shen Kung Fu Academy performed a traditional lion dance and kung fu demonstration on January 29, 2009 as part of the week long celebration of Chinese New Year.

January 26th marked year 4707 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This is the year of the Ox. Lunar new year is celebrated all over the world with festivities and events continuing for 2 weeks. This year, Shen Kung Fu Academy had the honor and pleasure of performing a traditional Lion Dance and kung fu demonstration during "college hour" at Miracosta College. The event was coordinated amd sponsored by Miracosta's Associated Student Government, the Student Activities office, and the Chinese Club. Special thanks to Aubrey Kuan, Chinese club faculty advisor for her efforts in making Chinese New Year a wonderful experience. 

Shen Students Earn Top Places at Las Vegas Tournament

Students of Shen Kung Fu academy travelled to Las Vegas to compete in the budo Open Martial Arts Tournament on Dec 6, 2008. Their training and hard work was evident as they earned top placing in traditional forms, weapons and sparring divisions. Six students guided by Sifu Mario Figueroa, chief instructor of Shen Kung Fu Academy in Oceanside, California brought home a total of 12 awards ranging from 1st through 4th place. Most notable were Bianca Figueroa, 1st place in weapons with her fighting fan form, Andy Price, first place in adult sparring, Alan Figueroa with 1st place in youth sparring, Andy Dang, 2nd place in youth sparring, Mario Figueroa Jr., 2nd place in forms and 2nd place in weapons (Chinese Broadsword) and Robbie Wheeler, 3rd place in traditional forms.  

From Left: Andy Price, Mario Figueroa Jr., Robbie Wheeler, Sifu Mario Figueroa, Bianca Figueroa, Andy Dang and Alan Figueroa.

2008 Ng Ga Kuen Reunion Fotos

Great Showing for Shen at Banning Tournament August 23, 20008

Grandmaster Seming Ma celebrates with Shen Kung Fu Academy after a good day of competition.

Self Defense Workshop

Mark your calendars, our next self-defense workshop for Women, Teens and College Bound Girls will be held on Saturday September 27, 2008 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM.

Our August 21, 2008 self-defense workshop was excellent. We continue to gather feedback and to make adjustments and modifications to meet the needs of our women participants. It is our mission to offer the most effective self-defense training available anywhere and to continue to research and develop training methods to enhance learning, retention and applicability of our self-defense method. You must be able to use what you learn and therefore, it is not the number or complexity of the techniques but rather, the principles that you can truly learn and that you can sharpen, have at the ready and when needed... deploy successfully.

Our Self-Defense workshop held on July 24, 2008 was a great success! Participants were treated to the latest in and most up to date information on violent attacks and predator behaviour as well as detailed analysis of the elements and "anatomy" of a typical attack. They were then taught how to form a plan of attack, how to prepare for the eventuality of such an attack using Shen's proprietary 3 P's and 10 A's program. This approach was developed by Sifu Mario Figueroa after decades of experience and research in effective methods for self-defense. The workshop included plenty of hands on exercises, case studies and simulated scenarios where participants learned to use their strengths along with body mechanics, breathing and mental control to best overcome specific attack situations. All participants received a 20 page reference handout to use for their on-going practice. To top it all, we had a good time, all the while dealing with a very serious and important subject.

Thanks to the encouragement of our participants, we will be holding another session soon. Contact us at 760-945-8804 for more information and to reserve your spot. 

Kung Fu Kids

Shen Kung Fu Excels at Black Tiger Tournament

9 Students from Shen Kung Fu academy participated in the April

Shen Hosts Kaigan Karate Do for Friendly Exchange


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